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Weaver - your smart cognitive platform

Weaver is a one-of-a-kind notification platform that brings conversational experience to a completely new level. Train it and let it do the magic for you – thanks to its artificial intelligence and voice recognition capabilities it will provide a seamless conversational experience for its users, providing necessary assistance and leaving the impression of talking to a real person.

Be On Channels Where Your Customers Are


  • Intelligent talk
  • Deep Integration
  • Omni-channel Experience
  • AI Based Solution
  • Multilingualism

Intelligent talk

Nowadays, the usage of the artificially intelligent systems grows – the systems tend to imitate humans, which reflects in the conversational flow, talking about the bots. Weaver bot module understands the flow of the humans’ mind, so has the ability to replace the subsequently changed users’ decisions and replace the previously chosen values without any interruptions in the flow. Additionally, there is no space for the repetition of the users’ inputs in case they were all given, so the chatbot would remember of all the important pieces of information in case the user gives them all in the first step.

Deep Integration

Weaver solution integrates with all the core systems of the company. It assures the full coverage over processes deliverable to the end users for which they would be asked to execute over multiple sources. On the other hand, the integration supervises all of the inner workings, connecting the data and calculating the most optimized results for the users’ inquires. Starting with simple account balance checking, moving to the complex calculative offers or travel reservations, the integration point enables companies to monitor and control the main core business over multiple channels.

Omni-channel Experience

In the era of the total information accessibility and with the multiple sources available, people tend to choose the channels used in their daily lives. For the ones they find the most familiar with, Weaver integrates with in order to offer the same services through various communication platforms, covering the majority of the customer pool. By having a solution that can monitor conversations and data exchange of a specific consumer, the parts of the omni channel experience create a fully covered area for the consumers to get the information or get desired services executed in several clicks.

AI Based Solution

In resemblance to the conversation between two humans, the mistakes made while having a conversation with the chatbot are being corrected in order of having a meaningful conversation without any interruptions. Preprocessing of the incoming inputs from the side of the consumers enables them of having a complete utterance freedom, for what is more, the complex expressions put in a different forms are being fully understood thanks to the NLP (Natural Language Processing) module.


As incredible as it sounds, it's true – our platform is a true polyglot! When it comes to communicating in different languages, there is no such thing as a language barrier that can stop the communication between users and Weaver. Once the language scheme is implemented, the platform understands the most common languages (English, Chinese, German, etc.) equally as good as any other less common ones. If the customer is given an option to receive information on his/her native language, he/she is more likely to purchase company's products or services and it trusts the company without second-guessing whether some piece of received information has been translated and/or missunderstood.

Process / Architecture

Virtual assistant Rea brings
seamless conversational
experience to the bank’s
customers while answering
questions about offered
services quickly and precisely.


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