We can all agree that the science behind scripted chatbots is amazing. Their ability to follow a certain communication pattern and provide answers in a short amount of time is great, and can be quite helpful for the companies who are using it. However, we are witnessing a constant progress of the way customers interact with their favorite brands. Innovation in this field is quite obvious and impressing too! Driven by that notice, we have decided to go an extra mile and develop a platform that is going to make companies leaders in customer service. And that is how Weaver is created!


Weaver is AI-based enterprise platform, with the ability of chatting forms of communication, while exchanging rich content and talking to the end-users. Our advanced communication engine is supported by NLP/NLU (natural language processing) usage, which completely simulates human-to-human communication. The chatbot run by Weaver platform is able to support interactive communication with leaps through different stories, or jumps from step to step depending on the natural conversational flow. The communication automation and enrichment are the main purposes, simultaneously spreading the current customer pool and making existing customers more satisfied. The chatbot module has services exposed across multiple channels with the same UX.



Well thought-out process is the backbone of our platform. It is developed in cooperation with the client, starting from case definition. This gives us the strong starting point for platform’s learning process. 

The first step in defining process is the analysis and defining of the desired conversational scenarios. This process supports one of the most important building points – the conversational diagrams and training sets for machine learning algorithms creation.This phase continues to the testing of all previously made in order to check if its conversational capabilities reach a satisfactory level. All corrections are done during the conversation improvement step and the initial training quality is checked simultaneously.

After all checkpoints are completed, the platform enters the second phase: conversation fine tuning. This is where conversation quality is improved and tested out, inside the development and testing teams. At the moment when all the details are set up, the complete list of services goes out to the end-users. Each step of the process is taken through needed iterrations until the satisfactory performance level of the platform is reached. In the end, the platform is able to respond to requests seamlessly.



Our team consists of experts from different locations.
We have gathered them all in one place – Saga in Belgrade,
and that is the place where Weaver is born!


We are team of experienced professionals who are ready to cope with every challenge. We’ve been more than a decade the biggest system integrator in Serbia. We are the company that operates in 26 countries around the world. We are the leading proponent of digital transformation in our region. We are part of New Frontier Group, named by Gartner as one of Top 10 Companies in IT Services in Central and Eastern Europe. We are trusted partner. We are Saga.

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