ChatBot – The future that is already here

The fastest and most efficient way to get answers to any question you may have about the product or service is to send a text message to the company from which you expect information. The possibility to get a prompt reply is highly appreciated by each and every consumer.

ChatBot is one of the newest and most effective two-way communication channel between the customer and the company.

In Serbia everything started last year with Viber and Facebook Messenger public accounts. They have deepened the interest on both sides of the conversation, enabling companies to connect with customers around the world and consumers to get an instant response and “1 to 1” communication experience.

ChatBot and the concept of artificial intelligence came to our country as an international trend. For a company that strives to be an active player in this market, like we in Saga do, having a international trend as a backbone of local efforts is a significant and much appreciated reinforcement.

If the trend is adopted and promoted by the trendsetter in a field, its’ credibility becomes quickly accepted, it represents a guarantee of value and usefulness of the new functionality and in general it is less doubted and questioned.

The most importantly, companies all around are more comfortable to decide to open their doors for new technologies and are quicker to accept the idea that, although something is completely new, it does not need to pass through phases of suspicion followed by intensive head shakes.

Previous experience with Viber as super-landing channel is extremely positive in attracting new customers.

Currently there are few Serbian companies that have adopted this new concept, although they were not previously present on similar platforms. The first results are strongly supporting the positive outlook of the ChatBots’ future. One local telecom company was able to quickly attract 350 thousand followers, much more than number of followers they have on social networks.

Promotional activities conducted by Viber gave a boost to efforts of IT companies involved in creation of ChatBots to enter the market and access a larger number of interested and informed customers.

Telecommunications, Banking, Insurance and the Health Care are among first industries realizing the potential benefits they could derive from opening these channels of communication with their users.

Some banks that have embraced the concept are already at an advanced stage of product design and implementation of predefined conversation scenarios. With 3.4 million Viber accounts and many more using Facebook Messenger possibilities to cover almost the entire population with effective and stress-free communication are almost endless.

Companies have recognized the need to open up to customers by themselves or, in some cases, were forced by the clients to think about making a move. Whatever the driver was, the goal is the same – to raise the level of service and reduce a response time.

If the company has an extensive communication with customers through, let’s say, Facebook Messenger, there is a chance it will not meet all the necessary criteria to be considered as adequate and effective. The operator, who is responsible to give answers, usually cannot be an expert for all questions from various fields. This means that he will have to look for and answer within the company which can take some time and make communication less efficient.

Simple Bots, which are most commonly implemented, are designed to provide an answer to a simple set of questions and only serve as a channel that provides information or service, execute the transaction, organize a delivery or schedule a meeting.
ChatBot is integrated with all necessary modules in order to be qualified to give the correct and immediate answer to a large number of questions. What it does not recognize it can forward to the person responsible for specific segment more effectively than any human operator could. In addition to shortening the response time, it provides a user with the stronger sense of connection with the company.

All functions that ChatBot can offer are not exhausted just by giving answers to question. Automation of complex processes such as applying for a loan, filing of the claim or requesting an appointment are additional functionalities that improve overall service and reduce costs.

Experience with ChatBots abroad is positive, in Serbia even more than that. With additional modules that analyze users’ habits it can enable much detailed profiling of each customer by: defining a channel of communication that he prefers, the period of the day when he has the most time to communicate, services that he used and the type of problems he encountered so far. Additional modules make prediction of consumer’s behavior and next service he will use much simpler but also add value in creation of retention campaigns.

It’s a cycle within the ecosystem that starts with communication from the user to the company and ends with communication to the user by the company.
ChatBot developed by Saga is part of the notification platform that comes with Campaign Management and Analytical CRM module. Based on the frequently asked questions, for which there is no predefined answer, it is able to identify the need to update the existing scenarios and gives suggestions for developing abilities to answer in most adequate way.

Thanks to the Campaign Management and CRM modules ChatBot can inform users about current offers or send other information determined as potentially interesting for a particular user.

Any company wanting to: expand its horizons, take advantage of new ways of connection with audiences, reduce costs and raise the level of service, needs to think about adopting ChatBot technology as a standard channel of communication with customers. Transformation of business model that this change will bring is one of the essential steps needed to be made by every company that seeks to build a leadership position in the industry in which it operates.