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Chatbots are the innovative way for interaction between brands and end-users who use different platforms for messaging. These are computer programs that mimic a conversation with people using artificial intelligence modules. They can perform a wide range of tasks going from simple ones such as answering to frequently occurring questions, to the complicated ones such as providing marketing content or facilitating a purchase. From finding out the location of the nearest bank branch to planning out an exciting trip – no matter what you do, there is most likely a chatbot service for that.

Weaver is not a chatbot – it is robust, notification platform that gathers multiple modules into one functional solution, monitor all of the communications on various channels and controls processes; the chatbot module is one of them.

With its features that enable it to understand multiple languages, it allows customers to send and ask questions trough all integrated communication platforms. By following a natural conversation flow it completely simulates human-to-human interaction, providing necessary information in short amount of time. This contributes to delivering an overall satisfying experience to the customers.

You can find out more about features here.

No, you can test it live via Facebook Messenger or Viber. Have you met Rea ( Viber / Messenger ) or Sozeta ( Messenger ), our in-production chatbots? Their default language is Serbian, but you can also test it in English by choosing the language change from the menu in the chat window!

Our platform can process many languages, which is testified by our recent experience – Serbian, Turkish, Armenian, Albanian, Slovakian, English…. There are no limitations talking about this implemenational field.