Weaver on Chatbot Summit!

As technology is progressing, customers’ expectations are rising simultaneously. Companies are facing challenges in their attempt to develop an effective communication system with their customers, and catch up with the upcoming trends in that field.

Guided by these facts, Saga has found a solution that will allow the companies to become leaders in communication with their customers and enable them to fulfill customers’ needs in a matter of seconds. That solution is the Weaver platform, which puts our company among very few Serbian IT companies that are deciding to launch their own products on domestic and international market. Just like the previous year, we are going to represent domestic chatbot scene with Weaver this year as well, during the Chatbot Summit in Berlin on October 23rd and 24th. Chatbot Summit is the world’s leading international event series connecting the eminent professionals and organizations who believe natural language will be the next curve in digital experiences.

Weaver is a notification platform developed by Saga’s engineers in our division for software solution development. It is created as a modular product for communication improvement. Serves to facilitate the flow of information between the companies and users. It unifies all communicational channels into a single point, where incoming data is stored and processed. After that, the customers are given defined set of services, while the responses that are being sent out are controlled by the administrational tools, which represents a base in form of a web app.

Nebojsa Bjelotomic, CEO of Saga, will be one of the presenters on Chatbot Summit. Together with Nebojsa Jovanovic, Head of Digital banking and Products division of Raiffeisen bank, he will present a successful case study about REA (Raiffeisen Electronic Assistant). Development of REA was possible thanks to Weaver. Its success is shown in a fact that during the first six months after its implementation, REA has carried out 350 000 conversations. Throughout this platform, users are given a chance to find answers to their questions quickly and efficiently. After the implementation of this solution, Raiffeisen bank has recorded a significant increase of interaction with customers, larger customer service efficiency and overall increased customer satisfaction.

The chatbot that this platform supports is an advanced version of the ones commonly used nowadays. Besides artificial intelligence as its base, it has numerous features which bring it abreast the best chatbots on the global market. This time, we would like to emphasize its multilingualism as an important feature among all others. There is no such thing as language barrier when it comes to this platform because it understands many languages, even the ones that are not widespread. Weaver has the ability to understand the context and flow of conversation, it can feel the mood of a person it speaks to and it learns through communication – which expands its knowledge base and improves customer experience. It can be implemented in variety of industries, and it is possible to integrate it with many messaging platforms where it is available 24/7! These and other features will be presented during the Summit by Milen Janjic, Head of Sector for own software solutions.

After successful implementation on domestic market and in the region, it is time for Weaver to meet the world, and the world to meet Weaver too! The first step on that road is participation on the Chatbot Summit in Berlin, where we are taking a place of Gold sponsor. So far, the Summit has been held three times in Berlin and Tel Aviv. Each time it has gathered the biggest international companies, tech leaders and startups on the rise which are joining together in order to build the best communicational experience and transfer it to the market. This Summit, more that 1500 visitors, 100 speakers and over 50 exhibitors are expected.