Weaver, take me to Berlin!

Does the thought of planning a trip make you stressed out before the planning even begins? Well, it doesn’t necessarily need to be that way. Let us take you on a quick trip to the Chatbot Summit in Berlin and we will show you how simple it can be!

It is Monday and you have decided to attend the Chatbot Summit in Berlin. You bought a conference pass weeks ago and as THE date is approaching, you can’t wait to begin the journey! Now it is time for you to find accommodation and travel tickets, and that part of the process doesn’t make you excited at all. There are so many options to choose from. If there was only someone to help you…This is the part where Weaver jumps in and saves your day! You’ve heard about this chatbot platform and right now it is the time to see if it is as good as the others say.

First, you will probably want to find accommodation. With just a couple of inputs such as wanted destination, your arrival and departure date and the price range, Weaver instantaneously gives you options to choose from. However, a lot of these places are far from the convention center, so after you tell Weaver that you need something closer to the venue, it narrows down the options for you. And here it is, your perfect single-bed hotel room that has everything you are looking for. Accommodation: checked.

But how are you going to get there? By bus? Take a train? How about plane? It is time to ask Weaver. This time you don’t have to remind it where you are going – it remembers all of the information from previous conversation. And in just a couple of seconds it delivers you the best fair options, including their longevity and prices. Since you find travelling by plane the most convenient, with the help of Weaver you are deciding to make a reservation. Submit your basic information, required document scans and voila – your ticket is ready and waiting for you! Fair: checked.

As you are drinking your Monday morning coffee and daydreaming about the upcoming trip, you start searching for monuments and places that are must-see in Berlin. The Berlin wall and Brandenburg Gate are already on your list, but there must be many other places you shouldn’t miss. After you’ve sent a voice message to Weaver asking it about places to see, things to do and local delicacies to try, Weaver delivers you top picks for your to-do list. Does this get any easier? Things to do in Berlin: checked.

On the day of your departure, you have realized that your chosen airlines uses Weaver as a primary platform for communication with customers. How amazing is that?! With the help of Weaver, you are able to check-in in just a few clicks, and right after you can see the boarding time, your gate and things to on the airport while you are waiting. It informs you about the loyalty program and its great deals, which is always good to know. Without Weaver you wouldn’t have probably found out about it!

Finally you have arrived to Berlin. Now it is time to enjoy the Summit and all amazing things that Berlin has to offer. This process of planning the trip was so easy and simple thanks to Weaver. What’s even better is that you can always count on your personal assistant who is there for you 24/7. Thanks Weaver!