Chatbot responses are tailor-made based on customer’s preferences and previous interractions, in case any conversations occurred in the past with the same person. The more understood they feel, the more likely they are to agree to an offered solution. Compared to other digital mediums, chatbots hold a strong potential in personalizing the customer experience in a valuable way like no other medium.

Your customer service staff has working hours – but your chatbot doesn’t. Customers’ needs can occur at any time of the day or night, sometimes when customer service staff members are unavailable. This issue can be solved with chatbots who are available 24 hours a day. Implementation of chatbot takes customer service to another level. Providing a package of benefits, such as immidiate response to requests, targeted offers, scheduling assistance and many more, and being just one click away from the customers are the advantages that should not be neglected.

When a chatbot is introduced to customers’ needs and/or preferences it can be an useful assistant during processes such as online shopping. Narrowing down the search results it can make shopping an action done with ease. The same applies to scheduling appointments, checking in and many more. Simplified process means satisfied customer, and satisfied customer means that he/she is more likely to remain a loyal customer as well.

The rise of chatbots have caused automatition of repetitive tasks that can often be time consuming, causing unnecessary expenses. With the ability to instantly respond to repetitive requests this can be a win-win situation for both Company and Users. Chatbots’ learning mechanism allows it to provide more quality responses with each answer. Customer satisfaction increases as customer service teams’ productivity skyrockets, and unnecessary costs are avoided. Sounds great, doesn’t it?